Or at least we finally had two consecutive days of sunshine. Yesterday was very pleasant. We didn’t do anything in particular for th 4th, but we did go to a nearby park for a bit. Thomas had a great time on the playground and Erik took advantage of the basketball court being largely deserted and shot a few hoops. We watched the D.C, New York and Boston fireworks on TV (loved the Sesame Street characters in D.C. and thought the NY fireworks were the best).

Today Erik is at work, and Thomas and I went to a birthday party for one of his classmates. Thomas did pretty well although his tendency to take off his shoes was much more pronounced today then it has been since the end of the school year. That is making me think that it is anxiety related. These kinds of gatherings are hard for me as well since a lot of the other moms stay at home, or at the very least are the primary caregivers. Since that role falls to Erik, I feel a little out of place with them. The summer session starts tomorrow morning. It’s four days a week, 9am to noon.

Other than that, Thomas has his six month dental check-up on Tuesday and his annual doctor’s appointment on Thursday. We are likely getting a different car on Wednesday. The Massachusetts car inspection law changed last October, and our beat-up bumper no longer passes inspection. We have found a car that is two years newer, with about 25,000 fewer miles for only $500 more than what we would have to pay for the repairs to our current car. The major issue is that the air conditioning doesn’t work, and given our upcoming cross-country trip (in August) that is a pretty big deal. Erik is going to check out a few things with our insurance company on Monday, and we’ll see how things go on Wednesday.