We’ve had a lot of news around Thomas’ transition to kindergarten over the last few weeks. We’ve completed his Individualized Education Plan for the summer session and for the majority of next year. Much of it remained the same, except that he will be getting one less OT session each week. We’re still focusing on personal safety issues, and on not bolting away from us.

We also attended a Kindergarten Visit Day with him. This was different from the tour that Erik and I took a few weeks ago. All of the incoming kindergarteners and their parents were there, and the kids had a chance to tour the classrooms. The PTO handed out volunteer opportunities for the parents, and I think I did a pretty good job of restraining myself. I only signed up for the book fair committee and the library committee. Thomas also got a “Stratton Pride” backpack and a summer reading book that will tie in to the curriculum for next year.

During my volunteering day last Thursday all of the Early Childhood Center kids had a field trip to get ice cream. I’m also going to be there for Beach Day in a couple of weeks. His last day is June 19th and there is going to be a pizza party and a performance!