Just a quick update . . . I’m hoping to have some pictures to post by the end of the weekend, but it looks like it may rain tomorrow and that will put the kabosh on going to the Arlington egg hunt.

We are continuing to settle in to the new apartment. Thomas’ room is large, but oddly shaped, so I’m trying a new configuration. The kitchen is close to set though.

Made some really good, if tedious, progress at work this week. We are really making headway on processing digital records. And I’ve been asked to go with my boss to guest lecture to a class at Simmons about what we’re doing. The only problem is that it’s a Thursday morning, and I’m supposed to start volunteering in Thomas’ classroom on Thursday mornings. We’ll see how things go.

And Erik has really exciting news, but he won’t let me tell anyone about it, so you, dear reader, will have to wait until he gives me the okay. :-(