We are moved . . . mostly. The last little bit will be finished up on Sunday. Unfortunately I have a New England Archivist conference on Saturday, so that day is shot for moving/clean up work. But Erik isn’t working on Sunday, so we will wrap things up then. On the whole, the move went as well as could be expected. The highlight was that we assumed the worst and put Thomas in a pull-up all day, and he totally surprised us by asking to use the potty three times and didn’t wet his pull-up at all. On the whole potty training is going very well for the last two weeks, although we still need to work on going poo in the potty.

In other great news, we met with Thomas’ teacher and the special ed coordinator earlier this week and they are recommending that he be promoted to kindergarten! Plus, the summer session will be six weeks rather than four like it was last year and it’s moving to the early childhood center were he is going to preschool currently (all of three blocks from the apartment!) So he won’t have much of a break this summer, but the consistency really helps him stay focused so it should be really good for him.

In work news, I’ve been asked to be an alternate board member on the newly restarted Massachusetts State Historical Records Review Board. Admittedly I’m a little unclear about exactly what a SHRRB does, but it definitely seems like a pretty big honor, so I accepted the appointment. More details as things progress. And my involvement with the CoSTEP (Coordinated State Emergency Preparedness) group from cultural and historical institutions got me an invite to the official opening of the Commonwealth Museum display of the state’s founding documents. I actually got a sneak peak at the set-up last month at the meeting at the Archives, and it was AWESOME!! It’s not every day you get to see documents from the early 1600s. :-) And my co-worker Jen and I have been plugging through solutions for preservation of digital materials that is really exciting. (Okay, it’s really exciting to me and it’s the basis of a workshop we’re going to teach in the fall at a conference, and I think we might get a publication out of it too).

I’ve got a really cute picture of Thomas reading in his new room, but I have to find the camera cord to upload it, so that will be coming soon.