If you go to the story here, you can read more about today’s court decision.

I’m putting this up front on the main page rather than on the Family News page, because of how important it is.

One of the most frustrating things about having a child with autism is that so many people want to tell you that vaccines cause autism. They don’t. Science does not support this theory. It’s not true.

Of course, one of the problems is that once people choose to believe something, they will go on believing it in spite of all available evidence to the contrary.

But one of the people quoted in the article, Dr. Paul Offit of the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia has written an important book on the subject, called Autism’s False Prophets. He lays out the science in the case and makes it very clear that vaccinations do not cause autism. Yet, people are so up in arms about his book that he won’t do a book tour. He’s had death threats and people protest every time he speaks. I even invited him to speak at my store and he politely declined, stating that even though many people want to listen, even those who disagree, but that there is always a contingent of people who are so rude and disruptive that it tends to be a negative experience for all involved.

So there it is. There’s the evidence. There’s the verdict.