Talk about a category that can’t decide on a name. The category has bounced around, first just being Story, then separating the Story, then doing away with Story. This is partially because we no longer have the Studio System where writers were paid to sit in offices and come up with stories that other people would then write up as a script.

Things started to change in the 50’s, aside from the name. This was the category where the best of Foreign cinema could be found – often films that were not nominated for Best Foreign Film, but many of the great films of the time. From 1959 to 1976, at least one Foreign film was nominated every year. Also, a much higher percentage of Best Picture nominees were showing up, including 4 for the first time in 1973 and again in 1977.

Original Screenplay (and Story) are the under-appreciated little brother to Adapted Screenplay. Original Screenplay films are much less likely to include Best Picture winners or nominees and four times as likely to receive just the one nomination. Almost 20% of the winners are single category nominees (only Foreign Film, Animated Film, Makeup and Song have higher rates), where no single category nominee has ever won Adapted Screenplay. There have been several years where Adapted Screenplay had 4 Best Picture nominees (and even years where it had all 5), where Original Screenplay has only done it 3 times (1973, 1977, 1996). And of the 23 films with 12 or more nominations, only 3 of them were nominated for Original Screenplay (On the Waterfront, Shakespeare in Love and Gladiator).

The king of this category is far and away Woody Allen. Not only do his 14 nominations as a screenwriter reign supreme even over Billy Wilder’s 12 nominations, but all his nominations were for Original Screenplay, as opposed to Wilder’s numerous nominations (and 1 Oscar) for Adapted Screenplay.

There have been far more nominees in the screenwriting categories than any of the other categories.  While there have also been more Screenplay nominations (because of the 2, and in the fifties, 3 different categories), there have been almost twice as many nominees than as in any other category.  It is the only one of the older categories that actually has more different nominees (939) than actual nominations (865, including adapted).  There are two reasons for this.  The first is that many screenwriters, even established writer-directors like Woody Allen and Billy Wilder, often write with a collaborator.  The second is that this category has by far the highest amount of nominees who are nominated once, lose, and are never nominated again.  Almost two thirds of all the nominees have just one nomination (with a loss) to show for their career.  In fact, only 24.1% of all the nominees (226 out of 939) have ever received more than one nomination.  While many categories have years (especially in the Studio Era) that have the same nominees over and over, at least one nominee from every single year in the Screenplay categories has been a first-time who never received another nomination.  Some years were particularly large, with 16 nominees in 1980, 18 in 1995 and 15 in 2001 who earn just the basic 40 points – 1 nomination, no wins.

On the other hand, there have definitely been some stars in these two categories.  While 610 of those 939 nominees only earned 40 points, here are the top point earners:

  1. Woody Allen  –  640 points  (14 nominations, 2 Oscars – all in Original)
  2. Billy Wilder  –  600 points  (12 nominations, 3 Oscars – 7 nominations, 1 Oscar in Adapted)
  3. Charles Brackett  –  400 points  (7 nominations, 3 Oscars – 4 nominations, 1 Oscar in Adapted — all but 2 nomination, 1 Oscar co-written with Wilder)
  4. John Huston  –  360 points  (8 nominations, 1 Oscar – all but 2 nominations in Adapted – has the most points for Adapted)
  5. Francis Ford Coppola  –  320 points  (5 nominations, 3 Oscars – 3 nominations, 2 Oscars in Adapted)
  6. Ben Hecht  –  320 points  (6 nominations, 2 Oscars – 2 nominations in Adapted)
  7. Frederico Fellini  –  320 points  (8 nominations  –  2 in Adapted)

It’s interesting to note that 5 of those top 7 are writers / directors, but only Woody Allen directed all of his nominations and even he started out as a writer before becoming a director.  Brackett earned most of his nominations working with Wilder, making Hecht the most successful writer (on at least one level).  Other writer / directors who began as writers and became directors high on the list are Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Robert Benton, Oliver Stone (280 points each) and Richard Brooks (240 points).  The Coen Brothers now have 240 points, but interestingly enough, they began as editors and became writers and directors.

The Honor Roll for this category is ridiculously long because the Writers know a good film when they see it, even if none of the other people do.

Grades: Winners: A- / Nominees: B+ / Seen: 85.50% 96.61%

Honor Roll: The Great McGinty / The Lady Eve / Shadow of a Doubt / Hail the Conquering Hero / The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek / Children of Paradise / The Gunfighter / Ace in the Hole / Forbidden Games / Mr. Hulot’s Holiday / The Ladykillers / The 400 Blows / Wild Strawberries / Two for the Road / Diner / The Purple Rose of Cairo / My Beautiful Laundrette / Bull Durham / sex, lies and videotape / When Harry Met Sally . . . / Grand Canyon / Heavenly Creatures / Lone Star / The Royal Tenenbaums / Y Tu Mama Tambien / Dirty Pretty Things / Happy-Go-Lucky

Shame Roll: none The Private War of Major Benson

(remember, blue won Best Picture, red was nominated for Best Picture and purple received no other nominations)

Best Original Story

1927-1928 AA: Underworld / The Last Command / The Patent Leather Kid

me: Metropolis / The Last Command / The Circus / Cameraman / Wings

no award given in 1928-29 or 1929-30

1930-1931 AA: The Dawn Patrol / Doorway to Hell / Laughter / The Public Enemy / Smart Money

me: City Lights / The Public Enemy / Animal Crackers / Doorway to Hell

1931-1932 AA: The Champ / Lady and Gent / Star Witness / What Price Hollywood

me: Horse Feathers / A Nous La Liberte / Monkey Business / What Price Hollywood / Freaks / Shanghai Express

1932-1933 AA: One Way Passage / The Prizefighter and the Lady / Rasputin and the Empress

me: M / Duck Soup / King Kong / Trouble in Paradise / The Mummy

1934 AA: Manhattan Melodrama / Hide-Out / The Richest Girl in the World

me: Mauvaise Graine (only eligible film I deemed worthy)

1935 AA: The Scoundrel / Broadway Melody of 1936 / The Gay Deception

me: The Man Who Knew Too Much / Top Hat / A Night at the Opera

1936 AA: The Story of Louis Pasteur / The Great Ziegfeld / San Francisco / Three Smart Girls / Fury

me: Modern Times / Libeled Lady / Theodora Goes Wild / Fury / The Great Ziegfeld

note:  It’s been very confusing over the years to tell what Biopics are considered “original” screenplays.  In this year, The Story of Louis Pasteur fell into both.  This was an “original story” whereas it was also nominated for its Screenplay.  How a biopic can be an “original story” has never been clear to me.

1937 AA: A Star is Born / The Life of Emile Zola / In Old Chicago / 100 Men and a Girl / Black Legion

me: A Star is Born / You Only Live Once / A Day at the Races / The Life of Emile Zola / La Marseillaise / Shall We Dance

note:  A Star is Born wins an Oscar for director William Wellman for the story, but loses in the Screenplay category in the first of Dorothy Parker’s two nominations.

1938 AA: Boys Town / Alexander’s Ragtime Band / Test Pilot / Angels with Dirty Faces / Blockade / Mad About Music

me: The Grand Illusion / The Adventures of Robin Hood / Merrily We Live / Angels with Dirty Faces

note:  Irving Berlin earns an Oscar nomination for his original story for Alexander’s Ragtime Band.

1939 AA: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington / Love Affair / Ninotchka / Bachelor Mother / Young Mr. Lincoln

me: Mr. Smith Goes to Washington / Ninotchka / Young Mr. Lincoln

note:  Mr. Smith Goes to Washington‘s only Oscar win is in the Story category.  Other great films that follow in its footsteps, by winning Original Screenplay for its only Oscar win include Citizen Kane, Chinatown, The Crying Game, Pulp Fiction, Gosford Park and Lost in Translation.

Best Original Story / Best Original Screenplay

1940 AA (Story): Arise, My Love / Comrade X / Edison the Man / My Favorite Wife / The Westerner

1940 AA: The Great McGinty / Foreign Correspondant / The Great Dictator / Angels Over Broadway / Dr. Ehrlich’s Magic Bullet

me: The Great Dictator / The Great McGinty / Foreign Correspondant

note:  In the first year of the Original Screenplay category, Preston Sturges wins the Oscar over competition that includes Charlie Chaplin, John Huston and Ben Hecht.

1941 AA (Story): Here Comes Mr. Jordan / Ball of Fire / The Lady Eve / Meet John Doe / Night Train

1941 AA: Citizen Kane / Sergeant York / The Devil and Miss Jones / Tall, Dark and Handsome / Tom, Dick and Harry

me: Citizen Kane / The Lady Eve / Mr. and Mrs. Smith / Ball of Fire / Here Comes Mr. Jordan

note:  At least the writers knew enough to give Citizen Kane the Oscar even if no other group did.

1942 AA (Story): The 49th Parallel / The Pride of the Yankees / The Talk of the Town / Yankee Doodle Dandy / Holiday Inn

1942 AA: Woman of the Year / Wake Island / One of Our Aircraft is Missing / The Road to Morocco / The War Against Mrs. Hadley

me: Sullivan’s Travels / To Be or Not To Be / The Palm Beach Story / Yankee Doodle Dandy / Woman of the Year

1943 AA (Story): The Human Comedy / The More the Merrier / Action in the North Atlantic / Destination Tokyo / Shadow of a Doubt

1943 AA: Princess O’Rourke / In Which We Serve / Air Force / The North Star / So Proudly We Hail

me: Shadow of a Doubt / In Which We Serve / The More the Merrier / Air Force

1944 AA (Story): Going My Way / A Guy Named Joe / Lifeboat / None Shall Escape / The Sullivans

1944 AA: Wilson / Hail the Conquering Hero / The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek / Two Girls and a Sailor / Wing and a Prayer

me: The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek / Hail the Conquering Hero / Lifeboat / Going My Way

note:  Leo McCarey becomes the first person to win both a writing and directing Oscar on the same film for Going My Way.

1945 AA (Story): The House on 92nd Street / The Affairs of Susan / A Medal for Benny / Objective, Burma / A Song to Remember

1945 AA: Marie-Louise / Dillinger / Music for Millions / Salty O’Rourke / What Next, Corporal Hargrove?

me: The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp / Anchors Aweigh / The Southerner / Dillinger

note:  The single most frustrating year by far.  I am missing four nominees here, including a winner (Marie-Louise, A Medal for Benny, The Affairs of Susan, What Next Corporal Hargrove?), as many as the remaining 64 years combined.  Marie-Louise is the first Foreign film to break through and not only get nominated, but to win, and it is almost impossible to find now.

1946 AA (Story): Vacation from Marriage / The Dark Mirror / The Strange Love of Martha Ivers / The Stranger / To Each His Own

1946 AA: The Seventh Veil / The Blue Dahlia / Children of Paradise / Notorious / The Road to Utopia

me: Children of Paradise / Notorious / Open City / The Stranger / The Blue Dahlia

note:  Charles Brackett’s nomination for To Each His Own is the first time he is nominated without Billy Wilder.

1947 AA (Story): Miracle on 34th Street / A Cage of Nightengales / It Happened on Fifth Avenue / Kiss of Death / Smash Up – The Story of a Woman

1947 AA: The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer / Body and Soul / A Double Life / Monsieur Verdoux / Shoeshine

me: Stairway to Heaven / Miracle on 34th Street / I Know Where I’m Going / L’Atalante / Monsieur Verdoux

Best Motion Picture Story

1948 AA: The Search / The Red Shoes / The Louisiana Story / The Naked City / Red River

me: Red River / The Search / The Eagle Has Two Heads / The Naked City / A Foreign Affair

Best Motion Picture Story / Best Story and Screenplay

1949 AA (Story): The Stratton Story / Come to the Stable / It Happens Every Spring / Sands of Iwo Jima / White Heat

1949 AA (S&S): Battleground / Jolson Sings Again / Paisan / Passport to Pimlico / The Quiet One

me: The Bicycle Thief / A Canterbury Tale / Paisan / Whisky Galore / White Heat

1950 AA (Story): Panic in the Streets / Bitter Rice / The Gunfighter / Mystery Street / When Willie Comes Marching Home

1950 AA (S&S): Sunset Blvd. / Adam’s Rib / Caged / The Men / No Way Out

me: Sunset Blvd. / Rules of the Game / The Gunfighter / Panic in the Streets / The Sin of Harold Diddlebock

note:  Sunset Blvd., in my opinion the greatest film, and certainly the greatest screenplay of all-time, wins.  The advantage of the two different screenplay categories is that films like Sunset Blvd., Chinatown, All the President’s Men and L.A. Confidential, films that I think are better than the actual winners, get to win Oscars because they don’t have to go up against the Best Picture winner.

1951 AA (Story): Seven Days to Noon / The Bullfighter and the Lady / The Frogmen / Here Comes the Groom / Teresa

1951 AA (S&S): An American in Paris / Ace in the Hole / David and Bathsheba / Go for Broke / The Well

me: Ace in the Hole / Orpheus / An American in Paris

1952 AA (Story): The Greatest Show on Earth / My Son John / The Narrow Margin / The Pride of St. Louis / The Sniper

1952 AA (S&S): The Lavender Hill Mob / The Atomic City / The Sound Barrier / Pat and Mike / Viva Zapata!

me: Singin in the Rain / The Lavender Hill Mob / The Bad and the Beautiful / Casque d’Or / Los Olvidados

1953 AA (Story): Roman Holiday / Above and Beyond / The Captain’s Paradise / Hondo / Little Fugitive

1953 AA (S&S): Titanic / The Band Wagon / The Desert Rats / The Naked Spur / Take the High Ground

me: Roman Holiday / Pickup on South Street / The Captain’s Paradise / The Naked Spur / Hondo

note:  Charles Brackett wins his non-Billy Wilder Oscar for Titanic.  Dalton Trumbo wins the other Oscar, but this is not acknowledged for decades.

1954 AA (Story): Broken Lance / Bread, Love and Dreams / Forbidden Games / Night People / There’s No Business Like Show Business

1954 AA (S&S): On the Waterfront / The Barefoot Contessa / Genevieve / The Glenn Miller Story / Knock on Wood

me: On the Waterfront / Forbidden Games / Summer Interlude / Genevieve / The Illusion Travels By Streetcar / Broken Lance

1955 AA (Story): Love Me or Leave Me / The Private War of Major Benson / Rebel Without a Cause / The Sheep Has 5 Legs / Strategic Air Command

1955 AA (S&S): Interrupted Melody / The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell / It’s Always Fair Weather / Mr. Hulot’s Holiday / The Seven Little Foys

me: Rebel Without a Cause / Mr. Hulot’s Holiday / Marty / Killer’s Kiss / The Criminal Life of Archibald de la Cruz

Best Motion Picture Story / Best Screenplay – Original

1956 AA (Story): The Brave One / The Eddy Duchin Story / High Society / The Proud and the Beautiful / Umberto D

1956 AA: The Red Balloon / The Bold and the Brave / Julie / La Strada / The Lady Killers

me: The Seven Samurai / The Lady Killers / La Strada / Sawdust and Tinsel / Forbidden Planet

Best Story and Screenplay – Written Directly For the Screen

1957 AA: Designing Women / Funny Face / Man of a Thousand Faces / The Tin Star / Vitelloni

me: Smiles of a Summer Night / Nights of Cabiria / Vitelloni / Ordet / The Tin Star

1958 AA: The Defiant Ones / The Goddess / Houseboat / The Sheepman / Teacher’s Pet

me: The Seventh Seal / Mon Oncle / The Defiant Ones / Pather Panchali / Sheepman

note:  For the last time until 1977, all the nominated films are in the English language.  This is ridiculous as three of the nominees aren’t worth nominating and there were many fantastic foreign films eligible.

1959 AA: Pillow Talk / The 400 Blows / North by Northwest / Operation Petticoat / Wild Strawberries

me: Wild Strawberries / The 400 Blows / North by Northwest / Drunken Angel / The Magician

note:  The Doris Day / Rock Hudson comedy wins over Truffaut and Bergman.

1960 AA: The Apartment / The Angry Silence / The Facts of Life / Hiroshima, Mon Amour / Never on Sunday

me: The Apartment / Ikiru / The Virgin Spring / The World of Apu / The Hidden Fortress

1961 AA: Splendor in the Grass / Ballad of a Soldier / General Della Rovere / La Dolce Vita / Lover Come Back

me: Yojimbo / La Dolce Vita / Splendor in the Grass / L’Aventurra / Breathless

1962 AA: Divorce – Italian Style / Freud / Last Year at Marienbad / That Touch of Mink / Through a Glass Darkly

me: Through a Glass Darkly / The Bad Sleep Well / Ride the High Country / Last Year at Marienbad / Virdiana

1963 AA: How the West Was Won / America, America / 8 1/2 / The Four Days of Naples / Love with the Proper Stranger

me: The Winter Light / Stray Dog / Knife in the Water / Love with the Proper Stranger / 8 1/2

1964 AA: Father Goose / A Hard Day’s Night / One Potato, Two Potato / The Organizer / That Man from Rio

me: A Hard Day’s Night / Harakiri / A Shot in the Dark / The Silence / The Pink Panther

1965 AA: Darling / Casanova ’70 / Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines / The Train / The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

me: Darling / Repulsion / The Umbrellas of Cherbourg / Viva Maria / Help!

1966 AA: A Man and a Woman / Blow-Up / The Fortune Cookie / Khartoum / The Naked Prey

me: Morgan / The Fortune Cookie / A Man and a Woman / What’s Up Tiger Lily / The Shop on Main Street

1967 AA: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner / Bonnie and Clyde / Divorce American Style / La Guerre Est Finie / Two for the Road

me: Bonnie and Clyde / Persona / Two for the Road / I Live in Fear / La Guerre Est Finie

note:  Which is more embarrassing for the Academy?  Father Goose beating A Hard Day’s Night or Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner beating Bonnie and Clyde?

1968 AA: The Producers / The Battle of Algiers / Faces / Hot Millions / 2001: A Space Odyssey

me: The Producers / 2001: A Space Odyssey / Shame / The Two of Us / Faces

Best Story and Screenplay – Based on Material Not Previously Published or Produced

1969 AA: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid / Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice / The Damned / Easy Rider / The Wild Bunch

me: The Wild Bunch / Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid / Take the Money and Run / Stolen Kisses / Boudu Saved from Drowning

Best Story and Screenplay – Based on Factual Material or Material Not Previously Published or Produced

1970 AA: Patton / Five Easy Pieces / Love Story / Joe / My Night at Maud’s

me: Five Easy Pieces / Patton / The Passion of Anna / My Night at Maud’s / The Milky Way

1971 AA: The Hospital / Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion / Klute / Summer of ’42 / Sunday, Bloody Sunday

me: Sunday Bloody Sunday / The Hospital / Harold and Maude / Carnal Knowledge / Klute

1972 AA: The Candidate / The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie / Lady Sings the Blues / Murmur of the Heart / Young Winston

me: The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie / Murmur of the Heart / Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) / Tokyo Story / Limelight

1973 AA: The Sting / American Graffiti / Cries and Whispers / A Touch of Class / Save the Tiger

me: Cries and Whispers / American Graffiti / The Sting / Mean Streets / Sleeper

Best Original Screenplay

1974 AA: Chinatown / The Conversation / Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore / Day for Night / Harry and Tonto

me: Chinatown / Scenes from a Marriage / Day for Night / The Conversation / Blazing Saddles

1975 AA: Dog Day Afternoon / Amarcord / And Now My Love / Lies My Father Told Me / Shampoo

me: Monty Python and the Holy Grail / Dog Day Afternoon / Amarcord / Shampoo / Love and Death

Best Screenplay Written Directly For the Screen

1976 AA: Network / Rocky / Cousin, Cousine / The Front / Seven Beauties

me: Network / Taxi Driver / Face to Face / The Front / Cousin, Cousine

1977 AA: Annie Hall / The Goodbye Girl / Star Wars / The Turning Point / The Late Show

me: Annie Hall / Star Wars / Close Encounters of the Third Kind / Aguirre – The Wrath of God / The Goodbye Girl

1978 AA: Coming Home / The Deer Hunter / An Unmarried Woman / Autumn Sonata / Interiors

me: Autumn Sonata / Interiors / The Deer Hunter / Coming Home / Get Out Your Handkerchiefs

1979 AA: Breaking Away / All That Jazz / … And Justice for All / The China Syndrome / Manhattan

me: Manhattan / Breaking Away / Monty Python’s Life of Brian / Alien / All That Jazz

note:  Woody Allen becomes the first writer ever nominated three consecutive years.

1980 AA: Melvin and Howard / Brubaker / Fame / Mon Oncle D’Amerique / Private Benjamin

me: Stardust Memories / The Empire Strikes Back / Airplane / Melvin and Howard / Kagemusha

1981 AA: Chariots of Fire / Atlantic City / Reds / Absence of Malice / Arthur

me: Raiders of the Lost Ark / Atlantic City / Absence of Malice / Reds / Gallipoli

1982 AA: Gandhi / E.T. / Tootsie / Diner / An Officer and a Gentleman

me: Tootsie / Diner / Shoot the Moon / The Long Good Friday / Three Brothers

1983 AA: Tender Mercies / The Big Chill / Fanny & Alexander / Silkwood / WarGames

me: Fanny & Alexander / The Big Chill / Zelig / Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life / Local Hero

note:  Fanny and Alexander wins 4 of its 6 Oscar nominations.  Its only two losses are Director and Original Screenplay.  Bergman, in his fifth and final writing nomination again fails to win an Oscar, losing to the sappy Tender Mercies.

1984 AA: Places in the Heart / Beverly Hills Cop / Broadway Danny Rose / El Norte / Splash

me: This is Spinal Tap / Broadway Danny Rose / Ghostbusters / Places in the Heart / Sixteen Candles

1985 AA: Witness / Back to the Future / Brazil / The Official Story / The Purple Rose of Cairo

me: The Purple Rose of Cairo / Blood Simple / Brazil / Back to the Future / A Private Function

1986 AA: Hannah and Her Sisters / Platoon / “Crocodile” Dundee / My Beautiful Laundrette / Salvador

me: Hannah and Her Sisters / My Beautiful Laundrette / Mona Lisa / Platoon / Blue Velvet

1987 AA: Moonstruck / Broadcast News / Hope and Glory / Au Revoir, Les Enfants / Radio Days

me: Au Revoir, Les Enfants / Broadcast News / Hope and Glory / Matewan / House of Games

note:  Woody Allen becomes the only writer ever nominated in four consecutive years.

1988 AA: Rain Man / Big / Bull Durham / A Fish Called Wanda / Running on Empty

me: Running on Empty / A Fish Called Wanda / Bull Durham / Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown / Wings of Desire

1989 AA: Dead Poets Society / Crimes and Misdemeanors / Do the Right Thing / sex, lies and videotape / When Harry Met Sally . . .

me: When Harry Met Sally . . . / Say Anything / Crimes and Misdemeanors / sex, lies and videotape / Heathers

note:  Back to back years of great nominees.  Two of the best years for this category, perhaps only bested by 1991 or 2001.

1990 AA: Ghost / Alice / Avalon / Green Card / Metropolitan

me: Miller’s Crossing / May Fools / Jesus of Montreal / Cinema Paradiso / Longtime Companion (the only year post-1935 I don’t agree with any of the nominees)

1991 AA: Thelma & Louise / Bugsy / Boyz N the Hood / The Fisher King / Grand Canyon

me: The Fisher King / Grand Canyon / Boyz N the Hood / Thelma and Louise / Barton Fink

1992 AA: The Crying Game / Unforgiven / Husbands and Wives / Lorenzo’s Oil / Passion Fish

me: The Crying Game / Unforgiven / Reservoir Dogs / Singles / Flirting

1993 AA: The Piano / Dave / In the Line of Fire / Philadelphia / Sleepless in Seattle

me: A Perfect World / Blue / Groundhog Day / Menace II Society / In the Line of Fire

1994 AA: Pulp Fiction / Four Weddings and a Funeral / Bullets over Broadway / Heavenly Creatures / Red

me: Pulp Fiction / Clerks / Four Weddings and a Funeral / Bullets over Broadway / Heavenly Creatures

1995 AA: The Usual Suspects / Braveheart / Nixon / Toy Story / Mighty Aphrodite

me: The Usual Suspects / Les Miserables / Smoke / Mina Tannenbaum / Toy Story

note:  I don’t know which is more mind boggling: that the truly horrid script for Braveheart was nominated or that Nixon, with all its footnotes and sources, was considered an Original Screenplay.

1996 AA: Fargo / Jerry Maguire / Secrets and Lies / Shine / Lone Star

me: Lone Star / Fargo / In the Bleak Midwinter / Secrets and Lies / Jerry Maguire

1997 AA: Good Will Hunting / The Full Monty / As Good as It Gets / Boogie Nights / Deconstructing Harry

me: Boogie Nights / Good Will Hunting / Grosse Pointe Blank / Chasing Amy / Deconstructing Harry

1998 AA: Shakespeare in Love / Life is Beautiful / Saving Private Ryan / The Truman Show / Bulworth

me: Shakespeare in Love / The Big Lebowski / Pleasantville / Rushmore / Bulworth

1999 AA: American Beauty / The Sixth Sense / Magnolia / Being John Malkovich / Topsy-Turvy

me: American Beauty / Being John Malkovich / Magnolia / Three Kings / All About My Mother

2000 AA: Almost Famous / Gladiator / Erin Brockovich / You Can Count On Me / Billy Elliot

me: Almost Famous / You Can Count on Me / State and Main / Billy Elliot / Best in Show

2001 AA: Gosford Park / Monster’s Ball / Memento / Amelie / The Royal Tenenbaums

me: the same though I give the win to Memento

2002 AA: Talk to Her / Gangs of New York / Far From Heaven / My Big Fat Greek Wedding / Y Tu Mama Tambien

me: Talk to Her / Spirited Away / Y Tu Mama Tambien / Sunshine State / Gangs of New York

2003 AA: Lost in Translation / In America / Dirty Pretty Things / Finding Nemo / The Barbarian Invasions

me: Lost in Translation / In America / The Barbarian Invasions / A Mighty Wind / Dirty Pretty Things

2004 AA: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / The Aviator / Hotel Rwanda / Vera Drake / The Incredibles

me: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind / Silver City / Vera Drake / The Aviator / Bad Education

2005 AA: Crash / Good Night and Good Luck / Syriana / Match Point / The Squid and the Whale

me: Good Night and Good Luck / Syriana / Elizabethtown / The Squid and the Whale / Saraband

2006 AA: Little Miss Sunshine / The Queen / Babel / Letters from Iwo Jima / Pan’s Labyrinth

me: The Fountain / The Queen / Pan’s Labyrinth / Stranger Than Fiction / Volver

2007 AA: Juno / Michael Clayton / The Savages / Ratatouille / Lars and the Real Girl

me: Juno / Across the Universe / Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead / Michael Clayton / Ratatouille

2008 AA: Milk / Wall-E / Happy-Go-Lucky / In Bruges / Frozen River

me: Milk / Wall-E / The Visitor / In Bruges / Burn After Reading

2009 AA: The Hurt Locker / Inglourious Basterds / Up / A Serious Man / The Messenger

me:  Inglourious Basterds / The Hurt Locker / A Serious Man / Up / (500) Days of Summer

note:  Kudos to the writers as they ignore James Cameron’s juggernaut for the second time.  At least they know he can’t write.

Honorable Mentions: Truly Madly Deeply (1991) / Red (1994) / Topsy-Turvy (1999) / Amores Perros (2001) / The Station Agent (2003)