So yesterday Thomas asked me to read him Chicka Chicka BOOM BOOM which is one of our favorite stories because of all the great rhymes and the beat of the words. I read the first line, and then Thomas recited the next one. I read another line; Thomas answered with the line that follows. We went through all but the last two pages of the book like that. I read a line and Thomas recited the next one back to me.

We had parent-teacher conferences today. We spent a very productive hour talking with his primary teacher, Ms. Lisa. They have started a new curriculum which he is breezing through and should really help his language skills. Also, she said that they have made some changes to the structure of the day that he has really responded to well. He’s transitioning between activities in the classroom more smoothly and they are having less trouble with him being “silly during serious time.” Outside the classroom he still tends toward the silly and that unfortunately often manifests itself in him bolting away from the group. We also talked a little about options for next year. Probably late next spring we will have a big meeting with all the teachers and the coordinator to get recommendations for whether he should move into kindergarten or if he should have another year of preschool or some combination. The school district is looking to set up a kindergarten similar to the preschool he is currently in where there would be a PDD-NOS/autism specific classroom, so my feeling is that he would probably start kindergarten in the fall. But we’ll have to wait and see how he’s doing later in the school year. It’s definitely going to be a challenge balancing his academic abilities with his social abilities. We want to keep him challenged and growing, but not overwhelmed.

On other fronts, I had meetings today with both my primary and secondary thesis readers and worked out what revisions I need to do on my first draft. The revisions are due on December 18th which is also the day I give a 15 minute presentation on my topic. After that, DONE!

At work, I’ve been invited to join the Content Committee of COSTEP (Coordinated Statewide Emergency Preparedness) that is working with cultural institutions (libraries, museums, archives, historical societies) on preparation and planning for dealing with emergencies and disasters. The first meeting I’ll be attending is in January. If it sounds at all interesting to any of you, check out and I’m actually pretty excited about it and think it will be a great opportunity.