I’ve managed to have an article posted on AwardsDaily.com with a link to the blog, without having a film blog in the last couple of weeks, thanks to work and Comcast somehow killing our internet for a week.

So, here are the links so far to the various lists I’ve done in response to AFI and their 10 Best in 10 Genres Lists from earlier this year. I plan to eventually do a Best Of list for every genre, so Action-Adventure, Mystery, Crime, Comedy, Drama and Foreign will eventually get their day in the sun. But here’s what I’ve done so far:

Fantasy (Top 10)

War (Top 10 – Foreign / Top 10 – English Language)

Kids (Top 5 Non-Animated)

Musicals (Top 10 – Traditional / Top 10 – Non-Traditional)

Science-Fiction (Top 10)

Horror (Top 25)

Westerns (Top 10)

Animated (Top 10)

more film links below

Paul Newman obituary

10 Books That Need to Be Made into Films

10 Great Films from Unreadable Novels

10 Best Actor / Director Combinations

12 Great Neglected Films

Top 10 Actor Performances

Review of Gonzo (also ran on CinCity2000.com)

Top 10 Actress Performances

Top 10 Supporting Actor Performances

Requiem for Rob Reiner’s career

Top 10 Supporting Actress Performances

Top 100 Films of All-Time

Review of Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (also ran on CinCity2000.com)

Review of Across the Universe