So we’ve been hearing a lot of new songs from Thomas over the last couple of weeks. He’s been singing about “Animal Action” and the “Beanbag Boogie.” But I wasn’t prepared for this morning. I was in the kitchen making our lunches and he was playing in his room. All of a sudden I realize this is what he is singing:

We’re not gonna take it

No, we’re not gonna take it

We’re not gonna take it anymore.

Yes, my four year old son was singing Twisted Sister. I think since he doesn’t often respond in the moment, we forget just how much he is taking in. The song is on a couple of mixed tapes we listen to in the car (although I don’t think he’s heard it for several months). And completely out of the blue he started singing it. I imagine the repetition helped him learn it, but it definitely illustrates that we need to be a bit more mindful about what he hears. His brain is just such a little sponge!