Sorry I’ve been falling behind on the family updates lately. Par for the course, Thomas is back in school and both he and I have gotten sick. We spent much of last winter under the weather as well, so I’m hoping we don’t have a repeat performance, but it’s not looking good so far. Thomas has already had croup and he’s had an intermittent cough and running nose for two weeks. I’ve been sick for the last two weeks as well, even missing two days of work last week. I thought I was finally over it, but I just can’t seem to shake it completely. My doctor thinks it’s viral, but she did give me a prescription for an antibiotic if I don’t get better soon. Sometimes the medicine can give you just enough boost to get over the illness, even if it is viral and not bacterial.

In other news, I turned in the first draft of the first chapter of my thesis today! That the intro and one chapter down-a second chapter and a conclusion to go. It’s going to need a lot of revision, but it still feels nice to have 26 pages total turned in (over half of the 50 page minimum!). My second chapter is due the first Monday of November and it’s going to take a bit more research to write. Plus I’m supposed to be writing a book review for the American Archivist journal, but I’ve got 400 pages more to read first. I can’t imagine why I’m tired and my immune system is worn down! I’ll be so glad in January when I’m done and can just pick up some silly pointless novel to read instead of historiography.

For those of you who want to get cards in the mail, don’t forget Erik’s birthday is next Friday. :-)