Things have been crazy busy since our return from vacation. It turns out that then you work in academia, it is really bad to be gone the week before school starts and the first week of classes. It makes you feel like you’ve had no transition whatsoever from summer to fall.

Anyways, we were very glad we got home on Saturday and not Sunday. We really needed Sunday to recover. Thomas started school the following Monday. He is in a new classroom this year that is specifically designed for kids on the autism spectrum and have multiple specialists as teachers. Unfortunately we also missed the Open House for his classroom due to our vacation, so we didn’t get to meet the teachers or see the classroom in advance (I still haven’t been in to see the classroom). The restructuring of the preschool classes also led to a change that we initially thought would be good, but is not: Thomas gets done at 2:30 instead of 2pm. The problem is that the high school (which shares a building with the preschool) also gets out at 2:30 and its a madhouse of cars and kids and parents and all in all a very unsafe environment for the little ones like Thomas (who if given the opportunity would run all over with no concern for safety or the word “stop”). So Erik and I have made our first foray into school politics; we attended the 1st school committee meeting of the year to voice our concerns. It seems to have helped in that Erik saw a few of the committee members out observing the situation with the preschool program coordinator on Friday. We’ve been assured that some sort of solution will be found.

Thomas is loving school, as always, and is charming his new teachers. Even better, he is also getting to see his teachers from last year, Miss Jean and Miss Phyllis, on a regular basis. Unfortunately he is also exposed to lots of other germy little kids and he has his first cold of the school year. We took him to the doctor on Wednesday and he has croup (again). He went to school today, but they sent him home a little early with a fever. He went to bed early and I’m hoping he doesn’t spend the night coughing again since he really needs the sleep (and so do I).

Erik’s started back at Borders a few nights a week. He was able to get back into the same store and department he was in before. Other than that, he’s plugging away at A New Nation Votes on Ohio data. It’s been a bit of a rough patch due to death of the  parent of one of his college friends and the illness/hospitalization and impending surgery of a co-worker, but he’s muddling through.

I’m glad to be back to work and I’m almost feeling caught up (although staying home Wednesday with Thomas threw me off a bit). I’ve turned in the first draft of the introduction to my history thesis and I met with me adviser today. We set up the schedule for the next chapter and I’m optimistic about finishing on time.

Those are the high and low lights of the last week and a half. Now that things are settling a little bit I hope to able to write in a bit more regularly again.