So for our anniversary, we considered going to see Wall-e at the drive-in theater. But given the long drive there and back and how early we could have to get there before the movie even started we decided against it. Instead, we figured we would try taking Thomas to a movie theater for the first time. He wasn’t ready. We got about 50 good minutes from him, but unfortunately 10 of those minutes were previews and ads before the movie even started. Popcorn and juice kept him entertained through the Pixar short, Presto, which I greatly enjoyed, and on through most of the opening of the movie where they are still on earth. Then he got antsy and I only saw bits of the rest of the movie between trips to the lobby and standing in the back of the theater. Alas, we couldn’t even stay through the credits to see the name of Erik’s friend Jay.

Our romantic anniversary dinner was Old Country Buffet where I took solace in the fact that Thomas wasn’t even in the top ten of noisy kids in the restaurant.

In other news, yesterday Erik had his first medical check-up in 16 years. Thankfully he likes his new doctor, so hopefully I can keep him on a yearly schedule.  Now I just have to wrangle him to the dentist. Given that he couldn’t even watch when Thomas got his teeth cleaned, this will be a great challenge.