A new study on autism just came out that supports a lot of the great progress we’ve been seeing in Thomas. Basically, they are finding genes that need some encouragement to switch on and intensive work with a child can really help. Some of the language can be a little scary, but Erik made an analogy that helped me. He equated Thomas’ situation to someone being born with a wandering eye. That person might have to wear an eyepatch or undergo special therapy to train the eye to behave in more appropriate/acceptable ways, but the eye still works. Thomas’ brain works (definitely), it just needs some retraining for certain social and interpersonal relationships to make sense. If you are interested in the article, it is at http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25625510/

Also, this blog was recently linked to by an educational writer due to our discussion of Thomas’ IEP process. To anyone reading this in response to that link, welcome. You will most likely be interested in post in the category “Thomas” although not all of those specifically deal with these types of issues. They do, however, definitely show just because a child has been given an autism diagnosis it doesn’t mean that there is something horribly wrong with them or that somehow they can’t be a happy, healthy and wonderful kid.