Unfortunately, since I broke our digital camera, there are no pictures yet from Thomas’ birthday on Friday. We did take a bunch with a disposable camera, but have not yet had them developed. Anyways, Thomas had a great fourth birthday – although he’s a little confused as to how old he is now. We had just got him responded to questions about his age with “I’m three years old” and he hasn’t quite got the “four years old” part yet. In fact when we correct him he tries to jump ahead and says “I’m five years old.

We spent the day at the Boston Children’s Museum. Following Erik and Thomas’ trip in for the Celtics parade, he’s spent a lot of time on buses and trains lately, and he’s done a really good job with it. (We quietly sing The Wheels on the Bus.) After an exhausting day in town we came home to open presents and eat his birthday cake which was shaped like the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Thank you to all the relatives who sent him some truly wonderful presents–formal thanks coming soon.

We also measured him on his Sprout Stick and he’s currently 3 ft 5 in, a growth of about 3 inches from last year.