Erik and I had a meeting with all of Thomas’ teachers last week to work out his plan for next year. Not a lot of changes or surprises. For one, he’s so darn cute and he tries to use that to get out of trouble (plus he thinks he’s hilarious, so everything he does make himself laugh). Big areas we are going to continue to work on include safety (not running off at every opportunity) and coping when he doesn’t get his way (he definitely likes to run things and is VERY strong willed). Other than that, the school district is starting an autism specific classroom with a full-time behaviorist in the class and he’ll continue with the same speech and OT therapists.

We’ve also contacted one of the high school helpers from his classroom this year to babysit him this summer. We’re still working out the details, but her schedule seems very flexible and open and it should open up some time for Erik to continue working.