Top Decade: the 90’s with 20 (kind of surprised me)

Weakest: the 70’s, with only 10 (the 30’s had fewer, but I’ve seen far fewer films)

Genre: Drama had the most, and the war movies were split (one Civil War, two WWI, two WWII, two Vietnam)

the Academy: the top 10 films were all nominated for Best Picture and 18 of top 20, with 4 winners, but #11, Touch of Evil is one of only 9 films on the list not to get any nominations (Greed doesn’t count as it predates the awards) – over all 72 of the 100 were nominated with 17 Best Pictures

top Director: Martin Scorsese is the only one with 5 films; however while Stanley Kubrick is one of a few who had 4 (along with Peter Jackson, David Lean and Billy Wilder) all 4 of his made the top 40

special mention for Ang Lee who has 3 films on the list and will have one in the top 10 on the forthcoming Foreign list (Crouching Tiger)

top star: Orson Welles – who wrote, directed and starred in 3 of the films and is the villain in a fourth (and rumored to have directed it)

best year: 1996 and 1940 – they both had 4; however while Fantasia was Oscar eligible in 1941, Trainspotting was Oscar eligible in 1996, making 1996 the best top 5 of any year (Lone Star, Trainspotting, English Patient, Fargo, Hamlet)

check back later as I go more in depth about the years and do away with The Myth of 1939