April 2008

Well, I have two more weeks until I’m done with my Master of Library Science degree. I have to type up one paper yet (just a summary of an interview) and I have two presentations to give. One of the presentations is very short (7 minutes) and I’m all set for it. The other one is longer (30 minutes) and its a group presentation (ick), but the information for that one will be completed by Monday, so the end is in sight. I’ve officially registered for my thesis extension for my history degree to finish that up in the fall. I’m actually feeling a bit excited about the topic again, so hopefully I can get some good momentum going this summer and finish up my research (and maybe even start writing a a bit).

Thomas helped me make cookies today. We have an action shot of him stirring the dough and two shots of him eating the results.

After having this wagon for several years, it was finally assembled and we took Thomas for a walk down to the grocery store. The wagon was a big hit with the store employees–we left it at the service counter and it was very useful for getting the bags (and Thomas) home quickly. Thomas stayed in the wagon for most of the ride, only jumping out with about 1/2 a block to go.

While Veronica was at a conference in Rhode Island on Saturday, Erik and Thomas went to Connecticut to see a display of Lego sculpture. The exhibit was at a nature conservatory, and here is a picture of Thomas with a donkey.


Do to illness, it has taken a while to post these pictures of Thomas coloring Easter eggs. He also did a good job coloring the kitchen table and his shoe.


Here is also a cute one of him in bed with a book. He tucked himself in.