January 2008

This week remains fairly quiet as I prepare to go back to school next week. The library science classes should go fine, but my history thesis looms largely in my mind. In other news, Thomas has been singing a lot lately which is very adorable.

This is Thomas reading The B Book tonight. He can read the first few pages of “Big Brown Bear, Blue Bull”

Erik’s taken advantage of his newly gained evenings at home to go through a bunch of our recent pictures and get them on the computer.

Sorry about the huge gap in posts. I really became bogged down in schoolwork last semester and I just couldn’t find the time and energy to write. So here’s a quick catch-up of the last few months.

Thomas continues to do wonderfully in school and his teachers adore him. He is a very visual learner with an amazing memory, and he has started writing more words and even a few very short phrases. He’s doing better with requesting things he wants. Areas we are working on include responding more consistantly when he is spoken to and dealing with a recent tendency to pull off his mama or daddy’s glasses.

He was Superman for Halloween and went trick-or-treating for the first time. This was also the first Christmas that he seemed interested in unwrapping his presents.

Erik’s last day at Borders was Sunday. He is currently working for the American Antiquarian Society on the “A New Nation Votes” project that I worked on when I started at Tufts. He is VERY good at it and really enjoys the work. The only drawback is that he works while Thomas is in school, so if we have early release days or snow days he can’t work (and doesn’t have paid time off). Even so, we are looking forward to having nights and weekends together.

Five semesters down, one to go. I have two library science classes to finish and my history thesis. I am confident that I will get my MLS in May, but am a little worried about finishing a 50-75 page research paper when I had so much trouble writing a 15-20 page paper for my history class this term. My goal is to do as much research and reading as I can this month, before classes start up again, and to turn an extensive outline into my thesis advisor during the first week of Spring term. Work continues to be wonderfully enjoyable and I am very thankful for my job and the great co-workers I have.