September 2007

Well, Ginsburg went to live with his new family tonight. I am hopeful that it will go well and they won’t think he’s too neurotic to live with.

Thomas had a very good day at school. His teacher told Erik that he went to join in playing with a group of his classmates. That’s a huge step for a little boy that hardly even acknowledges the presence of others.

Hi Everyone,

Sorry its taken so long to send out an update again. Unfortunately a lot of things have all been happening at once — at least they have tended to be good things.

Apartment Update: We will officially be out of our old apartment by Saturday morning. Our new apartment is great, although we could use a few more kitchen counters. We will probably need to get some sort of baker’s rack or pantry this weekend so that all of our stuff can find a home.

And speaking of finding a home . . . Cat Update: We can not have pets in our new apartment so Ginsburg has been in need of a new home to go to coming this up this Saturday. We decided to go with an apartment that did not allow pets for a variety of reasons–we had to move quickly to get Thomas residence before school started, our allergies were getting worse, Ginsburg has been on his own a lot since we had to put Hemingway down, and frankly, he’s a neurotic cat and he was causing a strain on our family life. Things were coming down to the wire, but as it turns out a new family that has recently moved into our building was looking for a cat. So tomorrow night Ginsburg is moving upstairs. I am keeping him on a waitlist for a no-kill shelter in Quincy, just in case this new family finds him too neurotic as well. But at least he has somewhere to go this weekend.

Erik Update: Erik is now working part-time at Borders and he has stepped down from his supervisor position. On the whole he has found this a liberating change and he is able to get a lot more down while he’s at work. On the downside, practically the entire move has fallen on his shoulders and he is pretty worn out these days (since the move seems to have been never-ending). There is still a lot to do in the new apartment to make things convenient to reach, etc. so it will still be a bit before he can relax, but at least he won’t have to go back and forth to Quincy every day. Also, he’s signed up to retake the GRE in October since his previous scores are too old to use to apply to PhD programs.

Veronica Update: I continue to love my job at Tufts (even though I got stuck being in charge of the archives disaster response plan) I started classes again at the beginning of September and am currently taking three of them. It is astounding Erik how much time I am spending reading, but I am still falling behind a little and writing papers at the last minute. Part of the school strain is that I also need to submit my proposal for the thesis I am writing in the spring by November 1st. I met with my primary reader today and we worked out a good gameplan and I’ve got some really people as resources at work to help me through.

And now the part you are all really interested in :-) The Thomas Update: Thomas is in school five days a week. Four of those days are full days and one is a half day. We’re having a few problems with transitions in the morning: his teacher has started meeting the kids outside by the bus, so he isn’t playing or otherwise engaged when he sees Erik and me leave. He never really had much separation anxiety before, but maybe we are seeing a bit of an outcropping of that, just a little later than usual. I can say that I’ve had conversation with him. I’ll ask him a question and he’ll respond and I can ask a follow-up question and he responds to that one as well. Today at breakfast he completed color patterns with his fruit loops. And his writing is very impressive. On his first day of school he wrote “car” on the blackboard and the other day they were making a get-well card for one of the teacher’s assistance and when the teacher asked him to write his name on the card, he did it (I believe without being prompted further). We are still struggling with the concept of “Stop” and unfortunately he thinks “No” is just about the funniest word ever, but on the whole his receptive language skills are doing very well. Another struggle, from my point of view, is that one of his classmates is allergic to peanuts. So I can’t send peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in his lunch and as someone who always got hot lunch at school I am at a loss as to what to make for him. Erik just laughs at me when I ask him if sending a container of yogurt could potentially kill him — I mean it’s supposed to be refrigerated, right?!?

Sorry for the long hiatus from posting. We moved (mostly) from Quincy to Arlington over the Labor Day Weekend and just got our internet hooked up in the new apartment today. A ton of stuff has happened over the last two weeks and I will update everyone this weekend. Tonight, however, I need to go read since one of the things that happened is that I started my fall semester. Plus I’ll be sending out an email with our updated contact info — we decided to get a landline after all. Much more to come soon . . .