Today we meet with the Early Childhood Liason for the Arlington School District. Thomas is now registered and we feel that he has an even better educational plan than he did at Quincy. He is still in a substantially separate classroom with full days Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and a half day on Tuesday. But the great thing is he is now getting three, instead of two, 1/2 hour speech sessions each week. On the downside, I don’t think they have specific music therapy (which was tricky with him anyways) and they don’t specifically work on toilet training (they provide support, but don’t do the coordinated potty times like Quincy). All in all we are quite happy, plus we have the option that if we feel he needs additional services we can send him to a regional cooperative school that is even more intensive. He will start on Monday, September 10th.

Also, we picked up the keys to our new apartment today. We both have this weekend off, so we are planning to start moving then, although whether or not we are to the stage of getting a truck and moving furniture is still up in the air.

And I got my first paycheck from Tufts today! It was a beautiful thing to check our bank account this morning. :-)