We have found an apartment and are signing the lease on Monday. My morning commute will go from 17 miles (from one side of Boston to the other) to under 4 miles. We are going to be on Massachusetts Avenue which, as Erik likes to point out, puts us directly overlooking the route Paul Revere took from Cambridge to Lexington. (We’re about 3 1/2 miles from Lexington Green). We still have our current apartment through the end of September due to when we gave notice, so it will be a long, drawn out move. I’ll try to keep everyone updated as to when we will be primarily in the new apartment. If in doubt, cell phones will be the best way to contact us — we haven’t decided yet if we are getting a landline right away at the new place.

I am hoping to finally get a hold of someone at the Arlington school district tomorrow so we can finalize Thomas’ transfer.