The benefits of my new job just keep rolling in. This weekend I was able to leave work at noon and we spent the evening on Cape Cod with Erik’s sister, Stacy, and her family. They had rented a cabin on a pond, a fact Thomas enjoyed tremendously. Unfortunately, we forgot to pack his swim diapers, so after a while in a regular diaper that quickly swelled to many times its usual size, we decided it was best to let Thomas play in his birthday suit instead. He is such a little fish! Stacy and Jon took us out to dinner where Erik got his first of many lobster rolls for the weekend. Interesting enough, everyone I mentioned our trip to commented that Cape Cod is full of mini golf and ice cream stands. This is very true, and in most cases they really add to its charm.

Saturday morning we said good bye to Stacy, Jon and Will (who is SUCH a cutie pie!) and drove out to Provincetown. Then we drove back to First Encounter Beach which was much more just a beach than a historical site and then down to Hyannis.

From Hyannis we drove to Sandwich where Erik once again proved his tremendous memory by finding the Thorton Burgess museum from his recollections from when we tried to go there two years ago. For those of you unfamiliar with Burgess, he wrote a ton of children’s folk stories featuring Peter Rabbit and Old Mother West Wind and they often explain how animal got this or that trait. My dad read them to me when I was little and the stories (and the trips to the library) are among my absolute favorite memories of childhood. The last time we tried to go the museum was closed, but Saturday we were finally able to see it and we got Thomas a t-shirt (unfortunately the smallest size in stock was 10-12, so its more of a nightshirt at this point).<img src=”Rabbits” alt=”” /><img src=”dcp_0019.jpg” alt=”” />