Well, it looks like we are going to try to move sometime within the next three weeks. It has been building for a while — the cramped quarters, Erik being jumped on his walk home, my job being in Medford — but within the last week our neighbors have had two bikes stolen off the back porch (one in broad daylight while they were eating supper) and we’ve had at least 15 yellow jackets in our kitchen. The yellow jacket situation seems to be under control — our neighbor and landlord sprayed the heck out of it and filled in all possible holes in the wall, but we still ended up spending last night in a hotel due to the fumes. Anyways, it looks like one of the towns next to Medford — Arlington — has excellent schools, so we are going to try to move there before the new school year starts. That way Thomas doesn’t have to change schools part way into the year. Alas, it’s never boring around here.