It has occurred to me through a few conversation that it is quite likely that most people have no idea what me new job is. The short answer is that I’ll be organizing the permanent records of various university departments and making sure they are available if the department needs to look at them.

The long answer is that when a department determines that they have records they want/need to keep to a long time they will send them to the archives. I will then go through them and accession them (meaning give them a location code and make sure they are in good boxes). Eventually, I will process the accessioned materials (meaning go through them and determine if they are in an order, if not, put them in order, make sure they are labeled and housed appropriately and enter the information into our database) Some records archivists also work with departments during the process of determining what records are permanent and which need to be destroyed after a certain period of time. I won’t be doing much of that — the records manager handles that and he is giving the departments the tools they need to make those determinations themselves. One other really cool part of my job is that I’ll be writing up the department histories for our database and these descriptions will also end up as part of the Tufts Online Encyclopedia. So that’s more or less what I will be doing as of Monday.