Disclaimer: These are simply our thoughts on the new book with no supposed basis on reality. They are in no way meant as spoilers.

So, Rowling has stated that two main characters will die in the new book. This begs the question of whom is considered a main character. Does Voldemort count? We are working on the assumption that he doesn’t. Therefore, Erik’s thought is that Snape will die defending Harry and Hagrid will be the other character killed. (Arthur Levine of Scholastic said he cried when one of the characters died, so someone people like must die.) I like the Snape idea, but am not sure about Hagrid — I’m inclined to think it’ll be Neville (but is he a main character? and will he even be in it much or will it all be Harry, Ron and Hermione?)

Horcruxes — Obviously the locket in the Black home is one of them. I think one of them is at Hogwarts — possibly the sword. I think Voldemort hid it when he applied for the DADA job from Dumbledore. Given the cover of the British edition we are thinking one might be in Gringotts.

Speaking on the British cover — there is a house elf on Harry’s back brandishing a sword. Dobby? Kreacher? An elf to be named later? I’m think Kreacher because there has been so much emphasis on the power of love, friendship and kindness. (Rowling said that she was pleased with the scene added to the third movie where Lupin talks about Lily’s kindness to him as a creature no one else would show kindness to. We think Harry will bring Kreacher around.) Another interesting point I read about the cover is that none of the kids are holding wands. And they definitely are going to fly on a dragon at some point.

Other thoughts: I think something is going to happen to disrupt Fleur and Bill’s wedding. I do kinda wish Rowling would kill Harry and Voldemort — I mean really — what is Harry going to do with the rest of his life after killing off the greatest dark wizard in history. Talk about peaking early! Anyways, I don’t think she will, but it would be a bold move. Dumbledore will find some way to help Harry from beyond the grave — probably not as a blue ghost, but something similiar. Alas, a few more days to wait!