Sleeping Beauty: the best animated film of the 1950's

So why do this now?  Well, because I already covered the years in film, with 1950 – 1955 coming back before I started the History of Best Picture, and I have finally caught up with where I began my History.  So, since the next film year will be 1961, in which I will do both Year in Film and Best Picture, now is the time to wrap up the 1950′s.

1950  -  1959

Total Films I’ve Seen:  692

Films That Make the Top 5 in Any Category:  40

Best Film Not to Make the Top 5 in Any Category:  The Searchers

Film of the Decade:  Sunset Blvd. (more…)

Four of All About Eve's Oscar nominees (Anne Baxter, George Sanders, Celeste Holm, Bette Davis) as well as a young actress named Marilyn Monroe

The 23rd annual Academy Awards, for the film year 1950.  The nominations were announced on February 12, 1951 and the awards ceremony was held on March 29, 1951.

Best Picture:  All About Eve

  • Sunset Blvd.
  • King Solomon’s Mines
  • Born Yesterday
  • Father of the Bride

Most Surprising Omission:  The Asphalt Jungle

Best Eligible Film Not Nominated:  The Third Man

Rank (out of 82) Among Best Picture Years:  #63 (more…)

My Top 10:

The opening title shot of Sunset Blvd. (1950)

  1. Sunset Blvd.
  2. The Third Man
  3. All About Eve
  4. The Rules of the Game
  5. Night and the City
  6. The Asphalt Jungle
  7. The Gunfighter
  8. Harvey
  9. Kind Hearts and Coronets
  10. Winchester ’73 (more…)

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